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Logitech Unifying Receiver working on one mac but not another

Hi, I recently purchased a Logitech Performance MX with the unifying receiver.  I've been using the Elite keyboard and the MX700 for a long while, so I am familiar with the LCC software - however, on my iBook G4 (10.5.8) the Unifying Receiver shows up fine and I can configure the mouse, but I plug it into my main mac Desktop - Core 2 Duo (10.6.4) and while it shows correctly in the profiler, there is no Unifying ANYTHING in the LCC preference pane.  Really scratching my head on this one.  If it's showing up correctly in the profiler why won't it recognize in the Unifying Software?  I even went to the Applications > Utilities > Logitech Unifying and tried to configure it that way - no dice.  I know it's not a faulty receiver as it works fine on my iBook.


Thoughts?  This is really a bummer.