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Logitech Warranty Contact

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I have a logitech revolution mouse that's a bit old and over the past few months it's producing double clicks when I single click (randomly - has nothing to do with this issue). This is the second revolution that I've had that's producing the same problem (last one was a refurbished model I bought online, so I thought it might've been a problem with that specific mouse, but I guess not). This one however is still under warranty so I was just wondering how I would go about contacting Logitech to help me replace the mouse.


I tried calling the Support / Warranty claims number from their contact page: +1 646-454-3200, but all I get is a beeping sound (calling from Canada). I also tried clicking the "Email Logitech Support" link on the product help page. But all I get is the following error: "Fatal error: Unable to open file"


EDIT: Just tried their toll free number: 1-888-427-5677 (from but I also get a weird beeping sound. 


Any ideas would be appreciated.



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