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Loss of connectivity with iMac following electrical surge

Recently worked with Apple Support to correct a HD storage issue. on my iMac 20-inch 2008.  Moved all items except Applications and all System files from HD to external HD. Have additional HD for backups only. Two days ago, had a household electrical surge problem where all incoming electrical was shut down.  Computer shut down at the same time. Computer attached to dual surge protectors at the time of the surge. Following correction of electrical problems, noticed computer delay on initial startup following surge.  At that time Wifi mouse (Logitech M315 with Unifying USB receiver ) startup also delayed.  (Had no problems with mouse following removal of files to external HD noted above.) Successive computer startups have occurred without delays, but Wifi mouse continues to have delay period up to 10mins. Have attempted reset of mouse connectivity with Bluetooth, but Logitech mouse not recognized (does not appear in the list of devices). Once the Logitech mouse is working, still does not appear in Bluetooth list of devices. Do not know if it appeared in list prior to this, because initial mouse setup did not require opening application screens on iMac. Just wondering if anyone has encountered similar problem or have any ideas for correcting mouse startup delay. Have also placed this request with Apple Support website. Mouse is about 3 years old and in very good condition. iMac is 2008 version running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 latest update. Would appreciate any suggestions, ideas.

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Re: Loss of connectivity with iMac following electrical surge

Hi SingingHawk,


Is the Unifying receiver still plugged in to your computer when the electrical surge happened? I'm thinking something might have happened to the receiver that affected its connection with the mouse. Un-pairing and re-pairing the mouse from its receiver is the best approach for this issue.


You must first un-pair your M315 mouse from its Unifying receiver before you can re-establish another connection. Follow the steps provided below to properly execute this:


  1. Download Logitech's Unifying Software.
  2. In the "Welcome" screen, click on "Advanced" button on its lower left hand side.
  3. Click to highlight the M315 Mouse on the left panel. Click on "Unpair" to disconnect the mouse from the receiver.
  4. Click to highlight the Unifying Receiver on the left panel. Click on "Pair a New Device".
  5. See FAQ 23116 to guide you on how to re-establish the connection between the receiver and the mouse.
  6. Once the mouse connects, check its cursor movement for any delayed response.

I hope this suggestion helps.




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