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M180 intermittently working - PID: LZ114BH

I searched the Logitech site and I cannot even find this device, yet I've had it less than 12 months!  It worked fine for ages then suddenly stopped.  It now works intermittently.  I have tried all the advice - different ports, on another machine, changed the batteries, removed batteries and pressed all the buttons for 30 seconds, you name it I've tried and its driving me nuts.


I've googled and there seem to be an awful lot of folk with dodgy mice!


I am a technophobe so please any advice in words of one syllable! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: M180 intermittently working - PID: LZ114BH

Hello Parmigiano,


If your Logitech M180 mouse intermittently working, most likely that the mouse loses it's connection to the USB receiver. The connection between the mouse and the USB receiver can be lost for several reasons, such as:

  • Low batteries 
  • Moving the receiver from one USB port to another.
  • Moving the USB receiver to another computer.
  • Plugging the receiver into a USB hub or other unsupported device such as a KVM switch (NOTE: Your receiver must be plugged directly into your computer).
  • Using your wireless mouse on metal surfaces.
  • Radio frequency (RF) interference from other sources, such as:
    • Wireless speakers
    • Computer power supplies
    • Monitors
    • Cell phones
    • Garage door openers

If your mouse frequently stops working and you keep having to reconnect it with the USB receiver, try these suggestions:

  • Keep other electrical devices at least 8 inches (20 cm) away from the USB receiver

  • Move the mouse closer to the USB receiver

  • Move the receiver to a different USB port on your computer

You may also try to install the Unifying Software.

Once Unifying Software installed > Open Unifying Software >Go to Advanced tab > unpair the M180 > click add a new device > Follow the onscreen instructions to pair M180 Mouse.




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