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M305 Scroll Wheel

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I recenet;y bought a new m305 wireless mouse and ever since i oppened the package it has has a problem with the scroll wheel. FOr some strange reason, it does not work with *most* of my applications. All browsers I have tried seem to have this proble, including other varying programs such as digsby, however select things (like explorer or winamp do not) I have also tried the cruise up/down as a replace function for the left/right on the scroll wheel, and they also do not seem to function in these programs. I had no problem using my old microsoft 3000's scroll wheel in these programs (until it physically broke) Is there some sort of special driver I need to use besides the default ones installed whne I connected the mouse to all it to funciton with *most* programs?

I am currently running Windows 7 64 bit. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling setpoint with no sucess (although the proble occured both before and after I had setpoint installed)



I just tried it in my Ubuntu OS and it works fine, so it appears to just be an issue with 7x64. Is there any other 3rd party drivers that it might work with?