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M317 Mouse Not Working

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I recently purchased a M317 wireless mouse, which I'm assuming is an M315 clone. I took it out of the package, plugged in the receiver to my laptop and let it download the necessary drivers. After that, the mouse would not respond at all. I tried running the Unifying software, but it just says the receiver is not detected. I've tried all 4 USB ports on my laptop, each yeilding the same result. I've read through other support forums, and have tried many of their fixs, but nothing works. Is it just a faulty piece of equitment? 

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
HP dv6 Laptop 
M317 Wireless Optical Mouse
M/N M-R0022
P/N 810-002922
S/N 1209LZ00TQR8

Thanks in advance. 

EDIT: Tested it on my pc and it works perfectly fine; just plugged it in and used it. 

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Re: M317 Mouse Not Working

Hello roguecp101,


If the mouse works fine on your PC it means that the mouse is not defective. The mouse is a plug and play device so you don't need to install any special software/driver for it to work. If the mouse does not work on your laptop, there might be a software/driver installed in your laptop that overwrites the Windows generic driver. Check Programs and feature/programs in control panel. If Motion joy software is listed, un-install it from your computer. Also, check Device manager. If a motion joy driver is listed under mice and other pointing device, un-install it as well.





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Re: M317 Mouse Not Working


I also have a wireless M317. It was working fine and all of a sudden it stopped working. I change the battery to see if that was the problem. The light turns and the mouse has power. It just doesn't want to connect for some reason. I looked at the suggestions made in the earlier thread. I have found no such program.

I have no clue why it stopped working


Thank you for your time

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Re: M317 Mouse Not Working

It might be late answer but i will post it just in case. I had the same problem with my MR-0021 wireless mouse but after checking out i found that my cellphone usb charger software that i install it a week ago was the reason after uninstalling it my mouse work fine now. so try to find something similar you might installed.


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Re: M317 Mouse Not Working

I verified that Motion Joy was not installed.  I still do not get connectivity.  Any other suggestions?  I have changed my battery to verify that was not the problem.