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Hi all


I've searched everywhere for a solution to this, but couldn't find "the one"


So... I purchased an M325 mouse a while ago and started to use it since about 3 weeks ago. I had been using it fine until the mouse stopped responding yesterday. It has not since, but the mouse still lights up when turned on or off so my suspicion is the receiver since Windows does not recognize it anymore.**EDIT** Neither does the Unifying Software!**EDIT**

Here's a list of everything I tried:

  • Plug USB into every port
  • Installation of Set Point in "clean boot" mode [these shenanigans]
  • Make Device Manager show hidden stuffs (By the way, doesn't show anything named Unifying in it or Logitech HID-compliant)
  • System Restore to when the mouse was working
  • "Cold Boot" [disconnect from all power, take out battery, hold power button for 30 seconds]
  • The "General USB fix" [this one]
  • Some combination of the above

I have not however plugged into a different machine. This step will come when I have access to another one.


My question is if it works on other machines, what should I do from then? Or if it doesn't work on other machines, what are my next steps? New receiver? Or just a general upgrade? I kinda liked having a small mouse for the laptop, but if it's this much trouble...


I am on Windows x64. Standard Lenovo G570, no mods or shenanigans, other than trying to make Device Manager show me that I plugged something in.

Thanks all

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Hello Entertainer,


Is there any error message when the Unifying receiver is plugged in? If an error message does come up (Example: "USB device not recognized"), then the driver might not be loading properly. If that's the case, try power draining the laptop:

             -Unplug the unifying receiver.

             -Turn the laptop off.

             -Remove the battery of the laptop. Make sure it's not plugged in to an electrical outlet.

             -Press and hold the power button of the laptop for 30 seconds

             -Put the battery back in then turn it back ON.

             -Plug the Unifying receiver back in and check if it's recognized.


If there's no error message at all when the Unifying receiver is plugged in, then the Unifying receiver is not being physically detected by the laptop at all. This might be a problem with the USB ports or with the Unifying receiver itself. Test the Unifying receiver on another computer. If the Unifying receiver is still not working on another computer, then it's a hardware defect. You can call the Logitech Support Team of your region for a warranty claim. If the Unifying receiver works on another computer, then it's most probably a computer  or a Windows problem. You need to contact Microsoft or your computer's manufacturer.


I hope this helps.:smileyhappy:



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I have a similar problem, but I can add one additional piece to the puzzle. I did plug the receiver into another laptop and the mouse works fine.  Also, I just completed all the steps as described and when I plugged in the receiver, it said Windows didn't recognize it.


I spent 34 minutes on the support line this morning and according to the tech, "no one else has reported this problem". I suggested they check their support forum occasionally or for that matter -- Google "Logitech m325 stopped working" to get a sense of how many people have the same problem.


Two pieces of information I can add are that I have Windows 7 and the computer I plugged it into is still running Windows XP.  However, I have a second M325 on a laptop in my office that's running Windows 7 and (for now) that one is still operating.



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just to let you all know i have the same problem also thought is was just mine until i googled it and found out i'm not the only one ,many,many have the same problem ,,m325 stopped working,so i agree the tech needs to get in touch with how many have the problem.Is there a real solution this problem??????

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Yes, I see records for this going back years. Within the first week, the receiver quit working with one of my ports. Just now (four weeks after purchase), it quit working with the other two as well. I'll never buy a logitech product again. And I'm not going to do this ridiculous power-cycling my laptop business; thanks, but no one has reported that working that I've seen. More business for Microsoft; I hope they get some real competition someday.