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M705 Scroll settings reset when switching between apps on Mac 10.6.8

Hi, I just got an M705 mouse and installed the latest drivers from the support page. The scroll wheel on firefox and chrom was barely moving at all so I adjusted the speed in the Logitech Control Center panel and in my own system preferences. These settings however only applied to the first application I went back to. If I switched to another program (and even back to the original one that was working) the scroll speed would reset to the default setting. This reset wasn't reflected in the control center though, whether by reopening it or keeping it open the entire time.


If I wanted my settings to be applied at that point I either needed to slightly adjust it in the control center so it would re-save the setting, or unplug the USB connector. The observed behavior above would then repeat.


Uninstalling the control center worked to restore OS settings on the scroll speed, which is great, but entirely removes the functionality of the other buttons on the mouse, which is half the reason I wanted this particular model.


Are there older drivers or something that I can use to map the buttons on the mouse, but allow me to maintain OS settings for the scroll wheel?



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Re: M705 Scroll settings reset when switching between apps on Mac 10.6.8

Hello Forseti1590,


I understand that when ever you adjust the setting for your Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 on the Logitech Control Center, they're not being saved. To fix this, try restarting the computer after adjusting the setting on your mouse.


Please let me know if this information helps resolve this issue.



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