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M705 not scrolling via wheel - have use the scroll bar on the screen and click down arrow

very annoying

let's say i'm a web page and i clink on sone link

the new page will open, and mouse will not be able to scroll down

sometimes, if i left-click once, somewhere in that window, the scroll wheel will work

but may times, i have to move the mouse pointer over to the scroll bar on the right-side of the window and press the down triangle

when my mouse isn't able to scroll using its wheel, pressing the down arrow on my keyboard works just fine

can anyone help?


also, just a suggestion: having so many customizable buttons on the mouse is a great concept, but i've had to change them all to "do nothing"  they are just too sensitive

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Re: M705 not scrolling via wheel - have use the scroll bar on the screen and click down arrow

Hello catsinmyfreezer,


Please ensure your unifying receiver is plugged directly in to your computer and not in to a pass through device such as a USB hub.  Please remove the batteries from your mouse, and with the batteries removed press and left and right mouse buttons repeatedly for approximately 15 seconds.  This will cause any residual power to be drained from the mouse causing it to be reset.  Install fresh batteries and try your mouse again.  If your problem persists, please test your mouse on a different computer if you have one available.  The M705 mouse does come with a three year warranty.  If your problem still persists, I would recommend contacting Customer Care for your region for further assistance and a possible warranty replacement.  If you currently reside in North America, please feel free to contact me via private message.


I hope this helps you out.




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