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MX 518 Mouse Issues

So, I've had my beloved MX 518 mouse for going on.. I'd say two years now.  Love it to death.  Sad to say, however, come yesterday I've been having horrid troubles with it.  Upon relocating my mouse and keyboard to a new table set-up, it's been acting naughty.
Windows XP will load up, and all will be well..  But once the computer finishes it's load-up routine.. The curser will jump to a specific part of the screen (the same part each time, I should mention) and refuse to move.  When moving the mouse, the curser will appear as if it's wiggling in place, but refuse to move more then an inch from it's now acclaimed spot.
I've removed the mouse and re-plugged it in.. Several times.  Cleaned the lense.  Re-installed the drivers (Which, by the way, finding a way to press the 'Download' button on the site when your mouse is defected and all you have is the trusty tab key.. Was a jolly game of it's own, lol.)  I even tried loading the computer with the mouse not on the table - Which I had thought may be the cause to the mouse's issue to begin with.
Needless to say, none of these have worked.
After doing some browsing over le internet, I haven't run across anyone else who has been experiencing this issue.  I'd hate to replace the mouse, as it's served me well through many a World of Warcraft raid.  However, I think I've tried everything in the book.
Any suggestions?
(For the record, I have not yet tried a different mouse on the machine, as I don't have an extra one laying around.)
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Re: MX 518 Mouse Issues

Have you tested the mouse on a different computer?