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MX1100 from Cordless Desktop Wave Pro battery indicator issue

Just purchased the logitech cordless desktop wave pro which has a rechargeable mx1100 mouse. The kit comes with a cable/adapter to plug into the wall (and plug into the front of the mouse) to charge it. I started using the mouse and a green low battery indicator appeared (battery with a small line through it) on the side of the mouse. I decided to plug the mouse into an outlet via the provided cable/adapter. However, the green low batt indicator keeps flashing but I never get any extra "bars" even after 5 or so hours of charging. My MX revolution has the same low batt warning, but I get small green squares that appear as the battery charges. I get none of this with the mx1100. I tried changing the batt with another sanyo eneloop batt of the same specs (the mouse came with an eneloop batt) but the same blinking green low batt light appears. Should the batt indicator eventually show some more green squares as the mouse charges?



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Re: MX1100 from Cordless Desktop Wave Pro battery indicator issue

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Really... read the manual.


The MX1100 does not have "extra bars" on the battery indicator.


The battery indicator is simply that battery with a small line through it. If it is green, it means the battery is good. If it is red, it meand the please charge the battery. When charging the battery, the indicator flashes green. These are all in the manual.