Logi Nu
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MX700 left click problem

I bought the keyboard + mouse combo of Logitech Elite keyboard + MX700 mouse back in 2003. They had served me very well until last year when suddenly the MX700 started to register a left-click as double-click.

Is there anything i can do to fix it? I would like to purchase another MX700, however in my country this type is no longer sold. The current available type is MX1100 and since it used 2.4GHz frequency I assumed it will not work with my current MX700 receiver.


I don't want to add another receiver to my PC since I still used the old one to run the elite keyboard. The keyboard is fine and I loved it too much to discard it. Another receiver means more clutter to my already messed-up desktop.


Is there any mouse I can purchase that can utilize the old MX700 receiver? what about MX1000? I may still able to find some stores selling old stock if I searched well enough. However, I don't know if it can work well with the same receiver connecting to the Elite keyboard. Thanks to whoever that can reply to this.