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Mouse Lag Bluetooth/Wireless Windows 7

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Hey all,


Ok so i've been looking for a solution for my mouse stuttering for awhile, tried different USB ports..and other stuff. But last night i read a few things that could cause your wireless/bluetooth mouse to have that horrible lag in Windows 7 every few minutes.


This is what i did that has seemed to have helped.


1. Goto Device Manager (Right click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager)

2. Goto Universal Serial Bus Controllers

3. You will see queit a few Hubs listed depends on your PC.

4. Go through each Hub by (Right Clicking and Going Properties on them)

5. Look for your HID-Mouse/Bluetooth Mouse in "Power" Tab.

6. If you've found out which Hub has it next goto "Power Management" Tab for that Hub/Controller.

7. Untick "Allow the computer to turn off device to save power"

8. Click Ok. Reboot Your PC and Turn off your Mouse/Keyboard and turn it back on.

9. Should fix it, it has for me so far. I haven't gotten the lag now.


If this doesn't work you might have a wireless router that could be interfering with your connection, so you might want to look at changing the channel on your wireless router.


Cheers. I hope this hasn't already been discussed as an answer, i didn't read through all the lagged mouse threads.

Good luck.