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Mouse dimensions (Gaming Mouse G500 vs. Performance Mouse MX)?



I had a question regarding the dimenions of the G500 vs. the Performance Mouse MX.  I tried looking for the specifications on the website but couldn't find anything.


The Performance Mouse MX appears to be taller than the G500.  Is this the case?

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Re: Mouse dimensions (Gaming Mouse G500 vs. Performance Mouse MX)?

Hello mtan,


Here are the dimensions:

Performance MX
Width                           Depth/Length             Height                    
87 mm (3.43 inch)       127 mm (5 inch)        49 mm (1.93 inch)    

Width                              Depth/Length                    Height                   
75.9 mm (2.99 inch)       129.2 mm (5.09 inch)      44 mm (1.73 inch)     



Hope that helps.


Kind Regards,



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