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Performance Mouse MX right click very sensitive


I have recently purchased a Performance Mouse MX. After using it, I have realised that the right mouse button is much more sensitive than the left, and my previous mouse. The right mouse button triggers after just resting my hand on the mouse. Is this normal? I have to position my right mouse button finger to the side so that I don't accidently trigger it from just the weight of my finger. It's getting quite annoying to have to do this.


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Re: Performance Mouse MX right click very sensitive

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Hello ceeK25,


The left click and right click buttons of the Logitech Performance Mouse MX should relatively have the same sensitivity. If the right click button is too sensitive as compared to the left click button, it's a possible hardware defect. Try some troubleshooting to verify if it's a hardware defect. Here are some steps that you can try:


-Check the tactile response of the right click button. Try comparing it to the left click button. It shouldn't feel too loose or mushy.

-You should feel a "click" before there should be a response from the right click button. It shouldn't respond right away just by placing a finger on it.

-If the right click button seems fine physically, try testing it on another computer. This is a way to isolate if it's a driver issue or a computer problem.


If it's a confirmed hardware defect, you can ask for a replacement from the point of purchase or call the Logitech Support Team of your region for a warranty claim (Check here for contact details).


I hope this helps.:smileyhappy:



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Re: Performance Mouse MX right click very sensitive

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Hey, I just got my MX Performance today and I have the same issue but it doesn't seem to be a hardware defect, but rather just the way this mouse is.


When I compare my MX Performance to my MX 1000 there's a noticeable difference in how much force is required to get the mouse to "click" (left or right).

And the Performance is just too easy to click, to a point where, like the OP, I accidentally press the right mouse button with just the weight of my resting hand on the mouse.


Unfortunately I can't return a fully working, non-defective mouse just because "I don't like it", that's just not how things work here.


So I would really like to know if there's anything I can do to make this mouse a little more resistive to clicks, by opening it up maybe and fiddling around?



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Re: Performance Mouse MX right click very sensitive

I have had this problem with more than one MX Revolution mice. Both of mine have waaayyyy too sensative right mouse buttons. I've put it up with for years and I'm ready to move on now. It's driven me crazy. But, the button layout, flexibility, and the shift scroll modes are what have kept me firmly attached to my MX Revolution. 


I've been reading that the same issue exists with the newest MX mouse.


Just laying my hand on the mouse can cause a right button trigger. I must have a "lazy" ring finger or something.  It takes effort to keep the weight of my ring finger from triggering the button


I've tried switching to just my first two fingers with limited success, but that means I miss out on the scroll wheel left and right buttons.


On the plus side for this mouse, I have to save Photoshop just isn't the same wih other mice due to the programability of all of these buttons. I never have too use the keyboard nor click buttons on the screen for almost all of my editing....I've mapped stuff such as brush up/down in size, switch between brush and erase, space bar so that naviating around the image is easy, control button for zooming., the list goes on and on. 


If somone has found a replacement that has huge number of easy to access buttons that are all programmable on a per application basis, I sure would likle to hear about i!!


Anyway, you are not alone in this right mouse button problem.


(yes, I know it's an ancient thread, but I found it 3 years after the post and it's been very useful to read!!)