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Problems with center scroll wheel click

Just got a MX Revolution. I am kinda feeling it. I use it with my laptop. The click button on the center scroll wheel doesn't work. I swear it was working for little while but not I get nothing. I like to map it to CRTL+R (or F5) to refresh a page in Firefox. But even with other settings it doesn't seem to work. Any idea if I have a bad mouse? Or is this some a software issue.

It would be nice in future versions if all of the buttons were fully customizable. I would rather have the thumb option do other funcitons (such as mimimize all aka the boss is coming), than the doc flip or the options I am given.


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Re: Problems with center scroll wheel click

What version of SetPoint do you have installed on the Media Center PC?

1A. For SetPoint 3.10: To map any functions to the wheel click, uncheck "Allow Manual Shifting" in the scroll page. Then, that button can be set to "Middle Click" (among a few other possible functions).

1B. For SetPoint 3.30: Just set the wheel click to "Middle Click", or a keystroke of your choice.

2. To allow any other button to be set as Middle Click (I used the Search button as Middle Click, since it is easier to click than the wheel), install uberOptions.

3. For the other buttons, see How do I use all my mouse buttons in games? on my wiki.

-Richard L. Owens, author of the uberOptions mod for SetPoint. Unlock the options of your SetPoint-controlled device! mirror