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Problems with my new M310 mouse.

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       Hi, I bought a M310 mouse from Wal-Mart 2 weeks ago. It works fine whenever I'm not playing any pc games but when I play a game, it starts to lose connection. The mouse becomes unresponsive at times and it gets really hard to work with. It only happens on games that really make my pc run. An easy simple game won't cause the problem. When ever I hear the cpu kick into gear, the mouse starts action up. I know it's not my pc because I've been playing this game long before getting the mouse.

        The mouse used to be plugged into the back, with made the mouse unusable in game. When I moved it to the front of my pc the problem lessened but was still present. The computer is no further than 3ft from the mouse. My friend got the same mouse and I've tested with his and it does the same thing. I can't move the desktop any closer to the mouse but at 3ft it has no excuse not to work. Having a direct line of sight is impossible. The desktop is on the ground next to the desk. It's a collage desk so there is no room for a desktop on top of it. Does anyone know what would cause this problem? 

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Re: Problems with my new M310 mouse.

Hello Garrador;



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Re: Problems with my new M310 mouse.

Hello,  I'm also having a similar problem.; i bought a mk520 pair, which apparently has the m310

mouse, and it seems to be dropping connections with the mac laptop -- the usb adapter is only

about 16 inches from the mouse.


I'm also experiencing some odd typatic problems with the keyboard, as if a character

gets stuck while i'm typing.