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SetPoint software problems and questions

Don't know if this is the proper board or not.  If not please point me in the right direction and accept my apologies.


I have an HP Laptop running Windows 7 64-bit.  


I recently installed an N305 wireless numeric keypad and an M510 wireless mouse.  I'm using 1 unifying reciever and everything appears to be working properly.  After installing the devices I went to the Logitech website, ran the self detect tool ran it and found my 2 devices.  I also showed me the download for SetPoint 6.2 64-bit which I downloaded and installed.  After doing that Windows tried to downlaod the proper device drivers but said no drivers could be found.  While the devices still appear to be functioning the self detect tool no longer finds them.  My understanding was that with SetPoint I could change key function on both my mouse and my keypad yet I don't seem to be able to do that since neither can be found by the software.  I've uninstalled and re-installed the software 3 times always with the same results.  When I un-install SetPoint then the self detection tool again "finds" my devices.   What advantages are there to having the SetPoint software installed?  Is it like the MS Intellepoint software that allows me to assign different function to the mouse buttons?  If it matters I did have an MS Mouse installed on this computer but uninstalled it.  In Control Panel the devices show simply as Logitech Wireless Device.  Troubleshooter tries to find drivers but can't.  After un-installing SetPoint Control Panel shows the Unifying reciever but neither the mouse nor the keypad and it can't find them.  Any guidance anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.