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Setpoint causes certain keys to stick or hang like CTRL you know it we know it so fix it already!

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Whats the deal Logitech, you guys used to be by far teh best hardware guys out there, so much so that when I found a setup I liked I actually bought 2 extra mediaplay mice and keyboards and stuck them in a closet for when these fail...


But there is a blaring issue with the Setpoint Software, programming the buttons with custom keys which is a major design feature that you market the product behind very very often causes function keys to stick or hang, especially with commands like ctrl f4 and close program functions. Every single setpoint users has dealt with this incredibly annoying problem for honestly a few years now, every single upgrade we expect it to be resolved and it never it. I am positive that you guys are well aware of the bug since im sure you get complaints about it all the time. It doesnt sound like its a very difficult problem to solve, SO SOLVE IT ALREADY!