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Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

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Whenever I plug in the mouse, the trackball works but the actual clicking glitches and acts as if the left click was being held down, highlighting everything or just not letting me click anything w/out the highlighting, it also messus up the built in laptop mouse which now closes tabs whenever I click them and won't allow me to select anything on the toolbar. The back and forward buttons also do not work

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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

Hello nicknick2116,


I understand that you are experiencing issues with your Logitech Trackball Mouse M570 left click button.


Let us try some troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

  • Remove the batteries from the mouse  and press the left and right button at the same time for 30 seconds . This will clear out the capacitors.
  • Insert a fresh battery on the mouse.
  • Clean the laser eye under the mouse with a q-tip
  • .Plug the receiver to another port.
  • Turn on the mouse and test again.
  • If its still not working, use it on another computer to confirm if its a hardware problem.
     Make sure that the receiver is directly plugged in to your computer's USB Port.
  • To further isolate, please test the mouse on another computer.
    Please let me know the result as it will determine the next course of action I need to take.
    I hope to hear from you.


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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

Hi Nick, Did you ever get yours fixed? I have the EXACT same problem. I could use one of my old trackballs but I am spoiled with the two extra custom buttons. Let me know if you have resolved. Many thanks to a another person that is smart enough to use a trackball!


Steve Kep

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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

Alright, after putting in a call with logitech (and being put on hold for 30 min) and following all the steps as stated by marlonar, the trackball worked well for about 2 days after which the middle mouse button started acting up. Since I use it at work for Solidworks, it has become extremely difficult to rotate things.

Can Logitech look into the problem and send me a solution? Another thing I noticed was the fact that the middle mouse button completely stopped working if I replaced the the trackball with another mouse. The Microsoft mouse I used, after trying out 2 other logitech mice, was working perfectly well with no problems whatsoever.

I have a system with Win 7 Bit OS and SW 2011.


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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

My problem with my trackball is in taking screenshots.  I take a lot of screenclippings for my work as a virtual school teacher and suddenly no matter how careful I am to make sure that I am holding the buttom down, it just clicks and won't let me select the area of the screen I want to clip.  I followed the instructions above (except for trying another computer as I don't have one handy) and it is still doing. it.



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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

I'll take the liberty of copying what I wrote on another about the same kind of problem:

(tread: )


"My M570 as exactly the same problem, except it's with the left click...


Sometimes it will start behaving weirdly, as if the LB had a mind of it's own...


I too have been using Logitech hardware for years due to reliability, and I think they're getting worse with every new models...

I'm currently looking for a trackball from another brand due to that fact...


I had an original right/left handed white and red marble mouse which still works years later, but that I replaced with a right/left handed grey and blue ones for he added buttons, which still works too, years later too.


The last Trackball on the other hand...the M570, I took it because I needed a scroll wheel for some programs which required one...

That M570 doesn't even come close to the quality of its predecesors...


-The design is too small and my hand start to hurt on very long days...(the older ones were slightly bigger and more confortable)

-The laser under the ball as no protection (unlike it's predecesors who had a transparent plastic cache) so dirt and stuff gets on the laser

-It gets "stuck" by dirt and stuff much faster than previous trackballs

-It's buggy as hell...


I feel like Logitech is going down..."


Also, none of the above steps help in anyway, the bug come and go as it see fit, and recently it's been getting worse...

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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

To anyone interested in the M570 LB/RB weird behavior problem, I have started a general thread about it and would very much like it if any new post concerning this topic be continued there, so as to pool our ressources together Smiley Wink

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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

My problem is weird: Right button is the only button that works and all other buttons including the actual trackball dont work. and have a new battery in it as well but still doesnt work

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Re: Trackball Mouse M570 not working properly

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I've been logitech trackman user since the 90s.  All worked very well for 3.5 years to 5 years or so...even with heavy use like games...  EXCEPT M570!


My first M570, after 8months of use, had the LEFT CLICK problem. 


GOT a replacement.  after about a week's use, had RIGHT CLICK problem


GOT another replacement.  after about 3 months, LEFT CLICK problem.


BIT THE BULLET and bought a BRAND NEW M570.  treated like a new born baby.  after 5months, LEFT CLICK PROBLEM!!


SO, with a little search, and youtube, I decided to do surgery on it.  I replaced the MICRO SWITCH taken out from my old $5 mouse from 8 or 9 years ago.


unsoldering the micro switch from my M570, then soldered on the new(old) micro switch from my old cheap mouse. 


WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!  MUCH BETTER THAN when my M570 was NEW!!!!  the new(old) micro switch feels TIGHT, SNAPPY, and best of all WORKS every click, every double click, and every drag.  much better than ANY of the replacements and ANY NEW M570!!!


I KNOW NOW, I'll never buy logitech again.  I'll DEFINETELY go with another brand.