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Trackball wear

Do Marble trackballs actually wear out in use . . . ?

Mine started to behave erratically two weeks ago (using Mouseware 8.6 under Win98SE).

The model is T-CH11, P/N 804 122 1000, S/N LTO64312369 and the hardware is at

least 12 years old, perhaps even 20. Size apart, the ball looks significantly different

from that of the model T-8814 Marble Mouse I use on the other PC:

1. The dots on the Trackman Marble are paler than on the Marble Mouse,

i.e. appear dark grey rather than black.

2. Polished by my thumb for so long, the ball may be slicker to the touch,

but I do not know how to measure this.


Malfunction began suddenly. The unit is clean and dust-free inside. (I have a

mini-vacuum for the purpose, use a toothbrush occasionally to remove grease

accumulating on the fixed bearings of this early-model trackball, and the sensor

window is clear.) Malfunctions are (a) slow movement on screen, (b) spontaneous

(uncommanded) movement of the cursor. Any bright ideas?



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Re: Trackball wear

I have been thru several units (T-BC21) in the last decade. I happened to have a new one when this last wore out-that is got sticky and would not move smoothly even tho cleaned. When I swapped the new ball into the old unit, it worked smoothly whereas the old ball in the new unit was still sticky. The new ball was darker in color and shiney clear in appearance. The old ball was dull and paler in color. I tried polishing and waxing, but neither seemed to restore the ball. Any ideas on how to restore them? Do they come from the factory with a coating that wears off? Any ideas?