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Unifying versus Bluetooth

Hello people!


What is the advantage of Logitech's new Unifying technology over Bluetooth? Bluetooth is already capable of connecting your computere to several wireless devices at the same time and nowadays every notebook comes equiped with it.




Why there are so few Bluetooth enables mouse models? Do you plan to increse this offer in the future? Any plans for a Bluetooth enabled Performance Mouse MX or Anywhere Mouse MX?


Thank you!


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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

I don't know specifically what advantage the proprietary 2.4Ghz Unifying technology offers over 2.4Ghz Bluetooth in the context of keyboards and mice, but to me it seems like Logitech reinvented the wheel on this one, and made it square shaped. Why go against the grain?


I agree with the OP, Bluetooth is common now with computers, particularly laptops. Logitech has only ever offered a very limited selection of Bluetooth-capable devices. In fact, the Bluetooth MX Revolution is only available as a bundle with a keyboard. I just want the mouse! It's quite frustrating.


Perhaps Logitech did this on purpose in order to push their Unifying technology that they've recently introduced?

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

This makes absolutely no sense. I already have a unifying technology on all my laptops, it's called BlueTooth. Why would I want to burn a USB port on my netbook with the receiver when BlueTooth is built in. I've always loved Logitech products but since appears that they are going to a propitiatory technology I guess this is where we part company. But I'll be looking forward to returning to Logitech when they regain their senses. BTW I'd start with a BlueTooth Trackman Wheel.

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

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There are a lot of bluetooth equiped laptops these days (more than a year ago).


The current Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX  is the best laptop mouse today. I wonder if Logitech

has any plans to create a similar mouse with bluetooth radio instead of the unified receiver.


To me it looks like that there is a lot  of demand for a product in that space. The V470 is quite behind in features and

form factor and the only stand alone laptop/portable mouse with bluetooth.

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

I created a username only to post to this forum.  I was specifically looking for a Bluetooth mouse because I specifically ordered a laptop with Bluetooth built in.  Why?  Because Bluetooth rocks!  It allows me to connect to anything, phones, other devices, everything.


I like Logitech.  I have lots of Logitech products.  I have mice, three webcams, keyboards, and other things.... all Logitech.  I always look to Logitech first when I'm looking for these sorts of devices. 


What the hell is with this Unifying Interface?  Why not just have it be Bluetooth and be done with it.  How cool would that be?  Buy a handy dandy Bluetooth mouse and boom!  You can connect all your other devices too.


I really don't want the unifying interface.  I have one.  I wanted a Logitech mouse with Bluetooth.  So, I bought an old one.  Seriously.  I wanted Logitech and I want Bluetooth.  Do your customers a favor and bring back Bluetooth devices or at least give us a choice on all these devices.


I, for one, will not buy a Unifying Interface device.  I ordered on built into my laptop for a reason.

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

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I have to agree with everyone here.  However, the curious thing is why not more users have a problem with this, especially with more and more USB products and only a limited number of USB slots.  I have a feeling that it's because most people probably use those USB hub devices, not realizing that the bandwidth is shared between devices.  I also hate using USB hubs because it just means longer cabling to work with and more things going wrong.  I personally try to avoid using USB hubs because of this and one way to help with that is to use Bluetooth.  This is the one place that the tech industry fails.  They try to make things simpler by combining stuff and making them smaller, but the true way is to have real standards and sticking with them.  I understand the need for proprietary stuff, but not if there is no significant improvement on existing products.  If they want their own tech in there, at least they could do is have both technologies and allow the user to turn on the method they want to use.


On a side note, the other problem I have is that the mice that everyone makes seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  They assume that everyone is using them for mobile purposes.  The only problem I have is that if I wanted to use a smaller mouse, I'll just use the touch pad on the machine.  The reason for getting a separate mouse is for easier usage and comfort.  The only way to get that is to use a regular sized mouse, not some minimized device that fits maybe half of your hand.

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

Bluetooth has not been made a standard by Microsoft yet.  There own Bluetooth protocol is "lamed" and limits to "serial port", Bluetooth modem and Personal Area Netword (PAN.)   There are also various other different Bluetooth protocols and each have their own problems.



Broadcom (Widcomm)





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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

You can get proper Bluetooth drivers for Windows OS from Broadcom and OSX works great with Bluetooth mice. How hard can it be to drop a Bluetooth radio into a MX mouse case. Oh yes an Darkfield for good measure.


I have an Apple Magic Mouse and have been hoping Logitech would one day sell a proper Bluetooth mouse (not the 4xx series rubbish)

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

For desktop computers:  You can use the Unify receiver whether you use Unify or not.  If you just plug it in, it doesn't use unify.  If you later add a keyboard, you could use the same receiver if it happens to be Logittech.  Personally, I wouldn't do a desktop wireless.  You simply trade the wire mess for the battery mess, and pay more money for less performance.  I can't say I find myself running out of USB ports on a desktop.  They have USB ports front and back, and half the time the monitor or keyboard has them, so it's not like Logitech can say, Gotcha!

For mobile devices: I've been trying to make a case for Unify, but haven't been able to.  At first I was thinking because it works during BIOS boot, but so does Bluetooth.  Then I was thinking because it's simpler and more reliable, but Bluetooth for anything half-way new has been solid.  Maybe because it would limit the capabilities, but the profiles are very well developed after years of refinement, and are bi-directional. Others have already suggested to add Bluetooth to all of the mobile peripherals.  I would add or do both, since they both use the 2.4 spectrum, or standardize on Bluetooth.  It's not like Logitech is going to change mobile device market when Bluetooth works on everything from cell phones to laptops, no dongle required.  It's often used to sync apps, transfer files, etc., so it's already implemented.  Nobody would buy a smart phone or tablet without it.

The whole reason I ended up here is I want to ditch my my nano dongle.  It snags on my laptop case when I put it in and out, and if that side of the computer bumps anything, it's the dongle.  Before it eventually messes up my motherboard, I was looking at Bluetooth options in order to ditch the dongle.

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Re: Unifying versus Bluetooth

So.. i messed up my unifying reciever this morning.

Got caught on the bag of my laptop.

So i tried looking at whats inside.

And look, its a 24lu1p

Now as i wanted then to integrate it in my laptop (that has bt) then i started looking at how to do this.

And this suprise came, when i started checking the datasheet

"RX intermodulation performance in line with Bluetooth specification version 2.0, 4th November
2004, page 42"

Now if im right, that means that unifying *IS* bluetooht hardware.

The protocol has been altered, to make sure that you buy more logitech.