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V-470 Mouse Issues

So a few months ago, after buying a new laptop, I decided I wanted a wireless mouse to go with it. Because my laptop comes with Bluetooth, I settled on the Logitech V-470 Mouse, which is bluetooth compatable. After installing the software and activating my laptop bluetooth, it was perfect. And now, barely a few short weeks after the honeymoon 'in-love-with-my-new-mouse' phase, I go to connect one day and it doesn't work. In desperation, I changed the batteries and played around with my laptop bluetooth settings. My laptop could see the device, however it could not connect. And now, due to my messing around with the settings in the attempt to establish a connection, the my laptop can not see the mouse at all.
Help! I am not technologically gifted in the slightest!
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Re: V-470 Mouse Issues

Hi Elia,

There’s a chance that you have a defective product. However, I would suggest that you test the mouse with another Bluetooth capable laptop/desktop. There’s no need to install SetPoint on this other laptop/desktop as the mouse would be able to function as a basic mouse without SetPoint installed. Just check whether you are able to establish a connection between the mouse and the laptop/desktop.


If the V470 Cordless Laser Mouse still displays the same issue, you might want to contact our Email Support Team for further assistance.

Thank you for your post.

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Re: V-470 Mouse Issues

Hi Elia,
Please refer to Logitech Knowledgebase Article 932 to assist you with connecting your V470 bluetooth mouse to your laptop with a built-in bluetooth receiver. Remember to put the mouse in discoverable mode first by pressing and releasing the connect/reset button under the mouse before using your Bluetooth software to search for bluetooth devices. Once you choose the V470 mouse, it will go through the pairing phase where a check mark next to the mouse icon is shown. Double-click the mouse icon or press Enter on the keyboard when the icon is highlighted to connect if the mouse isn't already connected.
Note: You only have to do this once and everytime you boot up your laptop the mouse will remain connected to the laptop via bluetooth.
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Re: V-470 Mouse Issues

i just bought my v470 last week. i am running windows 7 ultimate. i have already downloaded the latest setpoint software compatible for windows 7. i also changed the batteries. my mouse still keeps on stopping every 5 minutes then after wagging for about a minute, it goes back again. what's the problem with my mouse? also, the feel of the left mouse button suddenly became somewhat heavier than before.

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Re: V-470 Mouse Issues

This sounds like the issue I have only my mouse NEVER comes back., I have to delete it from Devices and Printers, hit the connect button on the mouse and re-add it.


SetPoint 6.00.84

Driver 4.90.80

Windows 7 x64


I use a Dell E4300 (BIOS A14) and I can see that the BlueTooth light shuts off. I assume that BlueTooth is going to sleep due to lack of activity then never detects the mouse movement to turn it back on again. Even if I get the BlueTooth light on the laptop, I've never been able to get the mouse to a normal state without deleting it and re-adding.


Does anyone have any answers? Does Logitech watch these posts?




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Re: V-470 Mouse Issues

Please note that these forums are meant to be a Peer to Peer assistance forum. In other words, other people assist others with their experiences and knowledge of products. You will find some Support Representatives from time to time but they are not mandated to offer assistance.