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VX Nano Scrolling Issues

I've started experiencing some issues with my vertical scrolling on my VX Nano.

Namely, the scroll doesn't seem to "catch" meaning that I can scroll the wheel and the majority of the time, nothing happens.  To be clear it's not an issue with the page jumping, but rather the scrolling mechanism on the mouse seems to be defective in tracking the scrolling action.


Thinking that it might be due to my battery life, I replaced the batteries with fresh ones and the problem persists.  This occurs in all applications I've tried this with including Firefox 3.6, IE8, Microsoft Word 2007, and Acrobat Reader 9.


The system in question is a Windows Vista x64 machine running SetPoint  This is a fairly recent development; I've used the mouse with the laptop for a good year (or more) and noticed this about a month ago.  I'm wondering if there are any tricks I can try out or if I can/should get a replacement.