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Warranty Claims on some unifying receiver and mouse

Could someone help guide me how shall I proceed in warranty claim on below items.


1. Unifying receiver for my M235 mouse. Confirm the unify receiver problem cause the mouse working fine with my other receiver for my M515 Mouse.


2. Unifying receiver for my M225 mouse. Also same the mouse working fine when pair with my M515 Mouse.


3. My M515 mouse left button intermitten lost contact and intermitten double click.


I beleive all these mouses is still under 3 years from date of purchase but I do not have any official document of purchase on it. Is it still possible to claim it.


Any assistance is much appreciate. Thanks.




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Re: Warranty Claims on some unifying receiver and mouse

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Hello basj, 


As I understand, you want to know how to proceed with a warranty claim for 2 Unifying receivers and a Couch Mouse M515. I'll be happy to assist you with this issue.


The warranty claims are handled by our Phone Support team, they will help you verify if your products are under warranty based on the product information. Please have your mice and receivers at hand by the time you call. If you are not in the U.S. or Canada please choose your country from this list and click where it says Contact at the bottom of the page.



I hope that you find this information useful basj, and that everything works out well. 

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