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We need a new Trackball

Something exciting and cool looking.

You guys are making great gaming mice and I'd like to see some of that creativity in a trackball. How old are those trackball designs anyways?
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Re: We need a new Trackball

Hi toy4x4!

Welcome to the Logitech Online User Discussion Forum

I appreciate the concern on the new trackball. The feedback that you have provided is considered useful and constructive. It will be passed on to the appropriate area for analysis. Most of the designs were 3 to 5 years back.

Should you have any further comments or questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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Re: We need a new Trackball

It is never said enough... we need a new, preferably Bluetooth trackball!!! It seems as if there's a new mouse coming out every couple of months or so, and trackballs are left forgotten by producers. It may be the sales records which I wouldn't be surprised if they were skydiving, but what can you expect when last update was so long ago. People are waiting patiently... but for how much longer?! My Optical Trackman is getting old, even Logitech logo came off from all the use. It is a little disappointing when you're forced to buy the same model a couple of years apart. I'm a photographer and all my editing work is done with the Trackman. I can't imagine switching to mouse ever again even though they look amazing these days.

In the end I can do nothing else but to keep my fingers crossed and hope that some great new trackball will be coming out ... SOON!!!
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Re: We need a new Trackball

Hi pregrinus!

Welcome to the Logitech Online User Discussion Forum

Thank you for your patience on this matter. I do realize that it has been a while since the last trackball version. I appreciate for the suggestions on the bluetooth version and I'll forward this suggestion to the relevant department.

I understand your frustration since I've been getting a lot of feedbacks on the future trackballs.
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Re: We need a new Trackball

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any update? *rabble rabble*

I'd love to see a merging of the three technologies you employ. Something that combines the ability to do large (and for the most part inaccurate [not always the case, nut still]) motions with a downward-facing ccd; an upgraded trackball for smaller inputs; and one or two Synaptic devices for tactile input.

The design (in my head) would have a similar silhouette to the Cordless Trackman Wheel. The trackball would be slightly smaller and use either laser optic stuff or traditional trackman technology. The "mouse" would use one of the newer LED based systems (as they tend to register larger movements more then laser ccd's). The tactile portion would be used in place of the wheel, left, right, and other buttons to provide a high level of customization. I suggest you look into Synaptics' ClearPad technology for the buttons, and traditional capcitive for the wheel.

That clearpad stuff is amazing. you can basically setup any amount of buttons in a given space. The buttons can look like almost anything, too.

Edit: oh .. almost forgot .... this (again in my head) would be CORDED. A nice long cord with thick insulation. Oh and most likely a few layers of woven stainless steel covered in a thin urethane coating.

heh .. also THICK feet are a must.

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Re: We need a new Trackball

This is also a subject on my mind.  I love my Trackman Wheel and have converted my wife from using a mouse as well.  I have seen some new features on recently acquired mice that I really like (ie. horizontal scrolling by pushing the wheel to the left or right and the up and down buttons under the thumb).  Since I love the Trackman Wheel and having the ball under my thumb, I would imagine the up and down buttons should be located under the ring and pinky fingers in the new design.  I would assume you would produce a corded and cordless version.  I personally have done away with my cordless Trackman Wheel or any mouse that I have come across.  A trusty cord is always the best solution for reliability (and no batteries to worry about).  Thanks for having this forum available.  I look forward to the new trackball that Logitech comes out with.
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BUMP: We need a new Trackball

The designers must have been sleeping indeed. I can not understand that Trackman marble wireless, still is shipped with a gigantic TX/RX unit. Someone MUST wake up and rewamp the Trackball asap. How hard could it be to implement the revolution design into a trackball. Heck, even I should have made it with only a minor degree in hardware hacking, the blacksmith method. The trackball is THE icon of the smart computer users, around the world. I just want a fancy trackball, with revolution features, and a painless underarm. And as usual, Logitech software is most useful as coasters.
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Re: We need a new Trackball

Stopped by the forum here to ask a question, and caught this :smileyhappy:

Way back in the day before I got my first gaming machine, a buddy of mine and his Quake clan were using trackballs, and I always thought they were where it was at.
So, with my first machine, same friend gave me his old Trackman (Vista, was it?), and that was just about the best thing I've ever used to shoot some pixels with :smileyhappy:
Over the years, I've gone through two of those old Trackman vista, a Trackman FX, and a couple of these newer Optical cordless guys.

I had the pleasure of getting to use one of those new super nice high-end mx mice recently, and it blew my mind.
The thing read sooo much smoother than any of my trackballs, I'm jealous :smileyhappy:

So, while you're at it Mr.Moderator, toss me in the list of "Guys who don't think Trackball is a dirty word" :smileyhappy:

(Thumbs down for thumb trackalls btw, index and middle fingers were made for pointing :smileyhappy:
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Re: We need a new Trackball

I second this!!
I have posted a few months ago requesting a new trackman but it seems the forum post was either lost in the shuffle, or just ignored. I would like to take this opportunity to add my support for a new Logitech Trackman.
I have been an exclusinve Logitech Trackman user since the mid-90s (remember the flatter, beige 1st generation trackman?) and I have to say, I am never going back to using a mouse as long as I can find a trackman on newegg. Heck, I've even managed to convert about half a dozen friends and family to exclusive trackman users and they too, swear by them. With this said, a new, feature-packed Trackman with following features comes to mind:
More buttons (programmable ofcourse!)
Improved method of dealing with dirt (not a big problem)
Cordless with bluetooth, able to mate with 2+ devices
stain resistant coating (after years of use, my trackman has developed a 'tan' where my sweaty palm sits during intense fps matches)
I don't know about the other trackman fans, but if Logitech would release an updated trackman with premium components, features, and reliability, I'd gladly pay upwards of $100/each to own one, or two, or even three for all my pcs at home and work.
Please tell us you guys have something in the works! We do not want to hear 'thanks for your input, we will forward this to our business decision makers, etc'; we've heard enough of that - your customers demand progress in the right direction! In the end, if Logitech won't meet its customer's requests, I am sure another company will... Belkin? Kensington? (Let's all send them a request email also - maybe one or more of the 3 will listen)
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Re: We need a new Trackball

I am completly for this as well. I've always used trackballs since 1990. It's allways been my prefered pointing device. They are becoming very dated and it is really starting to show on some newer applications that like higher resolution mice. Even just a revamp of the current line with what is found in the mice would be wonderful. I've even contimplated gutting a mouse and splicing it into my trackman wheel. (So used that most of the paint on it is worn off It's almost all white, It's cool at night because of the red led's in it). I've been looking for a replacement but haven't found one. I'd buy 3-4 almost right off the bat for my wifes and my computing needs. Most of my family uses them as well. There is a market.