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Will my logitech mice breaks my notebook?

Few months ago i went to a computer bazaar and bought logitech corded mice, its pretty nice the mouse cable can retract it self very compact and the usb head can be snap into the mouse perfectly (it snap because the mice has magnet in it).


Then the problem is, now my notebook USB port become magnetic i really sure it is because the mice has magnet in it.


Smiley Sad


please help how to demagnetize my notebook USB port?


if my notebook breaks because of  $10ish mice that will be really **bleep** Smiley Sad now i never use the mice any more but i couldn't find solution for demagnetize my notebook USB port.


i did google stuff the way to demagnetize are :

1. hit the thing with hammer (no way i hit my notebook with hammer)

2. burn the thing until certain ferro magnetic level heat (nah...)

3. connect the thing with AC power (i don't know maybe it will works? but if i electrocute my USB port won't that make my notebook also electrocuted too?)


Someone please help especially Logitech

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Re: Will my logitech mice breaks my notebook?

Hello ricx,


Which Logitech mouse do you have?



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