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Will unifying receiver work with older trackball

I just got the M570 trackball with the unifying receiver. Will this receiver work with the Cordless Trackman Wheel? I would like to leave my new trackball at work and use my old trackball at home. 

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Re: Will unifying receiver work with older trackball


(double posted in case anyone misses the other thread on this important topic...)


have repeatedly asked them about a unifying receiver edition of the M570; no reply.  I've been limited to the touchpad since the cordless optical trackman's clunky 'hockey puck' receiver broke two of my USB ports.

I finally caved in & bought the M570, JUST for the unifying receiver.  My thumb hates it & wants to marry the unifying receiver to my trackman.  Has anyone found a way to do that? 

I submitted surveys to Logitech on both devices asking for the same, or better still, to copy the Kensington Turboball 64227 with the Unifying receiver & an Optical ball.

Perhaps if we bombard them with this very sensible request, we'll get lucky.

Meanwhile, if anyone finds the answer, do post. =)


(the surface material of the trackman is better too!)>

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Re: Will unifying receiver work with older trackball

Just bought mine.  The M-570 was in stores. Hated it.  Who's brilliant idea was it to create a tiny, thumb-controlled trackball.  Saw the trackman, just got it in.  What the hell is this reciever?  How is this wireless?  No bluetooth? No little reciever like the 570.  This **bleep**.  I'll play with it for a little bit to see if I can get used to it, but signs are pointing to me returning both and going back to my 15 year old Kensington Expert Mouse.