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Win XP Unifying driver not recognized

Hello everybody,


I have a performance mouse MX and it's wokring great in my win 7 PC and my XP notebook.

When I am at work and i want to use this on my dell PC with Win XP it gets troublesome.


When i insert the receiver Windows recognizes a "USB Receiver" but fails to install it. When i chose manually from the driver list "Logitech Unifying USB receiver" I get the driver error "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"


I tried to install the SetPoint From CD and the one from the internet. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them using the setpoint setups. nothing works.


any suggestions to help me?




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Re: Win XP Unifying driver not recognized

I too am having this problem and would appreciate a workable solution...



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Re: Win XP Unifying driver not recognized

If you try something along the lines of my post in the link below you might find some luck, copy over the C:\Program Files\Common Files\LogiShrd\CDDRV3 folder from an installation of the same version on your good computer to your work computer, then hunt down the device that is the unifying receiver and being misinterpreted by windows as a generic HID device or something else (or not installed at all and coming up as unkown) and install the drivers from the CDDRV3 directory to it. The drivers will only appear when you are installing them on the correct device. Hope that helps!

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Re: Win XP Unifying driver not recognized

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I solved this issue in this manner on my Lenovo laptop:


In short, copy the file usb.in_ from your installation dir (c:\i386 or CD) into c:\windows\inf and run expand into usb.inf, then reinstall the usb device






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Re: Win XP Unifying driver not recognized

Similar problem with my Performance MX, Unifying receiver, and Windows XP. Tried this and a couple other solutions, but what worked for in the end was simple: go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager, and then under the Action menu, select  "Scan for hardware changes." For some reason, this triggers a smarter process that the usual "Device detected" routine - and it picked up the Unifying receiver right away.