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Wireless M310 Mouse not working, but not broken

Yesterday I picked up a Wireless Logitech M310 mouse to replace my failing microsoft mouse. I’ve manually downloaded and installed the mouse software, rebooted my comp, played with the on/off switch, tried different USB ports, and tried various batteries and still not getting even a twitch from my pointer. The PC doesn’t even recognize that I’m using new hardware.

The kicker is, my mother tried using it on her PC, and not only did it auto-install the software, but after doing so it worked just fine. And yet, I still can’t manage to get it to work on my PC.

I can’t seem to find any info through google that mirrors my problem that is helpful in the slightest.

If it makes any difference, my mother’s PC is running Window’s 7, and I’m running Vista 32-bit, service pack 1.