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Wireless Mouse M215 Will Not Connect To Receiver

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I recently bought a new receiver for my M215 mouse since I had previously lost mine. I have tried again and again to connect it but it will not connect. I have tried everything that the FAQ's said and that the Logitech Support has told me (which was the same thing as the FAQ's). Does anyone know how I can solve this issue?


*edit: I downloaded the SetPoint application and it says this receiver is for an M310 mouse but the receiver has the numbers for the M215 mouse. M/ N:C-U0007.

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Re: Wireless Mouse M215 Will Not Connect To Receiver

Hi eaguilar14,


I see that you bought a new receiver for your M215 but you haven't been able to connect it. The receiver that you bought is an Unifying receiver, this kind of receivers works with most of the Logitech mice as long as it work with the Unifying technology. This could be why it's showing as a M310 receiver.


What we need to do first is to verify if your mouse works with Unifying technology. All the Unifying mice come with the Unifying logo  printed underneath them like this


If your mouse has the Unifying logo, please download and install the Unifying software. After that launch it from: Start>All Programs>Logitech>Unifying. Once the Unifying window opens, click on next and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your mouse.



I hope this works, but please let me know how that goes or if your mouse doesn't have the Unifying logo.

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Re: Wireless Mouse M215 Will Not Connect To Receiver



I have an M215 mouse with the unifying logo on the bottom. I continually get the error from the unifying software that 'pairing failed'. I have attempted this on my laptop and my desktop in the USB 1/2/3 ports with the same error each time. 


Any suggestions much appreciated:

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