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Wireless mouse not working

I reformated and reinstalled Windows XP, sp3, and cannot get the M-RM63 wireless mouse to work.  I downloaded the latest driver and have installed and uninstalled it several times.  I have a PS/2 attached and removing that and its driver in device manager do not fix the problem.  Batteries are good.  Have hit the reset buttons on the receiver and mouse.  Unplugged and reinserted the USB connector.


Device Manager and Plug and Play do not see it.   Rebooting does not help.


Any ideas?

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Re: Wireless mouse not working

Hello June2012,


To help you fix the issue with your Cordless MouseMan Optical. Try the following steps:


  • Shut down your computer the proper way if possible via your "Start "menu.
  • Unplug your computer to it's power supply. This is typically  the uppermost black cord at the back of your computer's tower. For laptop or notebook, remove the battery and unplug it's cord from the laptop.
  • Press the power button of your computer 5 times
  • Plug the cord or put the battery back in then turn on your computer.

***The steps mentioned above is to help drain all the power that is left over in your computer's motherboard.


Make sure that the receiver of your mouse is directly plug to your computer's USB port.

Reconnect your mouse to the receiver by pressing the connect button of the receiver for 1-2 seconds > press the connect button on your mouse.

Test your mouse.




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Re: Wireless mouse not working

How to fix wireless mouse not working? Logitech or other wireless mouse not working on laptops and desktops. 


How To Fix: