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app switcher on mouse M705 and logitech K350

I have windows 8 Pro and the combo of M705 and K350.  Both has a dedicated app switcher button.  But when I press it (on the mouse it's under the back and fwd button, for keyboard, it's to the left of the shift key), it does nothing


I thought app switcher is like ALT-TAB function on keyboard and I want it to behave that way.


How do I do that? I downloaed the latest version of setpoint.



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Re: app switcher on mouse M705 and logitech K350

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Hello gamesons,


The application switcher on your Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 and Logitech Wireless Wave Keyboad k350 functions as "Windows Key+ Tab" instead. Windows Key+ Tab activates the new feature, Switcher, in Windows 8. Switcher allows the user to switch between running  "Windows Store apps" (also referred to as Metro apps). For definition of Windows Store apps, you can refer to this link. If you would prefer "Alt+tab", you can assign it as a keystroke assignment using the Logitech Setpoint Software.


I hope this helps. :smileyhappy:



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Re: app switcher on mouse M705 and logitech K350


I assign app switch button on my M705 mouse as "Alt+Tab" but it still not working (when I push app switch button nothing happens). I use Windows 8 Pro and Setpoint 6.51.8. Other key sequences works properly.

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Re: app switcher on mouse M705 and logitech K350


I too am interested for a solution.

I've got a Logitech Performance MX Mouse and all the features (including the applications switcher) worked perfectly with my previous (non windows 8) laptop. I've now switched to a windows 8 laptop cetain aspects of the mouse have stopped working. I've made sure that all drivers are up to date and the latest software is correctly installed. 


In my case both the dedicated application switcher function and assigned keystroke combination Alt+Tab dont work, with both action being unresponsive. Other complicated keystoke assingments and dedicated funtions work perfectly however.

Is there any solution to this problem? I would very much like to continue with these functions, they has become very handy. 



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Re: app switcher on mouse M705 and logitech K350

Found a solution to making alt+tab work.


In setpoint go to the thumb button or button 8 and select keystroke assignment. For the keystroke do ALT+D or instead of D pick a letter that isnt being used by the computer. 


Press ok to close setpoint.


Go to your user.xml file %userprofile%\Application Data\Logitech\SetPoint\user.xml


search for your keystroke. I used ALT-D so i searched for ALT-D. Change your DisplayName to DisplayName="Alt+TAB" and then change your VirtualKey to 9.


So that entire line of code should look like:


<Param DisplayName="Alt+TAB" LParam="538968065" Modifier="4" VirtualKey="9"/>


Save and close user.xml.


Right click on the setpoint icon (bottom right side of your screen) and choose exit.


Open it again from your start menu and enjoy.