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i have a logitech vx nano CDLS LSR MSE for BUS cordless mouse. The past few weeks, it has been
occasionally apparently double-clicking when I click only once. The
"second" click seems to occur milliseconds after the first, fast enough that
I can't stop it but slow enough that it has an effect AFTER the effect of
the "first" click.

For example, I will click once on the Close box at the upper right of a
window. The window will close, but a second apparent click will then hit
the same spot on the window beneath the one I just closed, closing it.

Another example: in OE, in one pane of the window is the inbox list of
subject lines for my emails. I will click the delete button in the toolbar
and the selected email will be deleted. But often, the phantom "second"
click will trigger the delete button again and the next email in the list
will be deleted, too, before I can stop it.


i have already tried the right button, it does not double click, but when i select the left button it starts to do so. 


how can i solve the problem?

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Re: logitec

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Hello infraRedd;


If your usb receiver is plugged directly into a usb port on your pc/laptop

  Try this;

Remove the batteries from the mouse

Alternate clicking the left and right mouse buttons for 30+ seconds

Replace the batteries

Reconnect your mouse if necessary

Does the left mouse button still double click?



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