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mouse stopped working

Today I was using my Cordless TrackMan Wheel (p/n 804359-0000 m/n T-RA18) and it stopped working.  I changed the batteries, moved the cable to three other USB ports. It seems to be Window's updates that stop my mouse from working. In the past i have just given it a bit of time and then it would start working again but this time its been a few days. I am using Vista with all current updates.


Any comments on how to fix this?

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Re: mouse stopped working

I am having the same problem with a optical trackman and my wife's trackman wheel.  Almost everytime we do the Microsoft updates the mouse won't have connection on reboot..  Would really like to swee a resolution for this.  We are both using Vista Home.

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Re: mouse stopped working

I could only remember that the

Logitech cordless Trackman wheel: T-RA18 had to be "connected" meaning the transmitter/receiver(whatever, thing) that is plugged into the computer USB port, has to be "connected" or "synced" with the trackball that you fondle with your hand.  I couldn't remember how, but noticed the "connect button" on the computer's part, and a tiny little recessed button, that you need a paperclip or ink pen to press on the bottom of the trackball part.  I pushed both of them for a second or two at the same time.  very tricky, and possibly it doesn't have to be at the same time.  I cannot find any instructions about this anywhere.  I haven't done a all out Google search yet though.  Seems to me it should be on the support FAQ.