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Cannot Install HarmonyBrowserPlug-in.exe



I cannot install HarmonyBrowserPlug-In.exe, everytime i run the .exe file, it stopped during the install. 


I've tried both with and without admin privileges. 


i've tried also to uninstall & reinstall silverlight but i get the same result. 



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Re: Cannot Install HarmonyBrowserPlug-in.exe

Hi Ced2Logi,


Try downloading and installing the HarmonyBrowserPlug-In.exe using a different browser.  Another step is to install it in safe mode. To rule out system related issues, it's a good idea to try the installation on a different computer too.




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Re: Cannot Install HarmonyBrowserPlug-in.exe

I cant even dl the plugin

Is there someplace, ie site to dl it from?

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Re: Cannot Install HarmonyBrowserPlug-in.exe

have you tried to use a different PC or Browser to isolate the issue that you are having???possibly a security program on your program might be blocking the Download of the plug ins