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Harmony 650 and Roku 3

I have just bought a Roku 3 and a Harmony Remote 650 and cannot work out how to control the Roku 3 using the Harmony Remote and was hoping someone could walk me through it.

This is what I have tried so far. Using Logitech's MyHarmony Silverlight application

1. add a device "Roku" "3".
2. add an Activity "Watch Roku" (Logitech Tech Support told me this is a new feature.)
3. Select the appropriate HDMI input for my TV.
4. Synched the remote.

None of the Roku 3 functions work. The TV comes on to the right input, but all I get is the Roku screensaver.

I called Logitech Support and they suggested setting the Activity as "Watch a Movie" with the Roku 3 as the device. That didn't work either. They left me with the command to find all the IR codes.

Any suggestions for how to make this work?

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Re: Harmony 650 and Roku 3

Hi pheon,


We are sorry to hear of the issue you are having controlling the Roku 3 device with the Harmony 650.


You have actually followed all the steps correctly to add the device and to create an Roku activity.


The Roku activity you create should have all your buttons customized to work with the Harmony remote.  However, I would just like to know if your Roku is in the line of sight of when you are using your remote. The Harmony 650 needs to have line of sight of your device for it operate the device. The original remote that came with the device did not need to have line of sight as it worked through another means of communication.


Please try using the Harmony 650 in the line of sight of the device and see if you can make it work.


Best regards,


Harmony Team

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Re: Harmony 650 and Roku 3

I could see the Roku 3, but when I rearranged it so that the Roku 3 text and white light were facing me, it worked. Before I had that side facing slightly away me.



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Re: Harmony 650 and Roku 3

Roku 3 is completely, totally, and utterly ignoring my logitech harmony 650.


I added it as a "Watch Roku" activity, and I have added it as a "Watch Movie" activity. When I select EITHER activity, I get the Roku screen saver, but not a single button on the remote has any effect whatsoever, and yes, I am point it at the rodu box.

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Re: Harmony 650 and Roku 3

What device type did you add the Roku as?

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Re: Harmony 650 and Roku 3

Device Type needs to be set to DVD.  I configured under another device type (and think I found Roku) but nothing worked. My advice: delete your activity and device and start again. I am now controlling Roku 3 with Harmony 720.  I couldn't learn A and B buttons because the roku remote is WiFi Direct (no IR). Maybe there's a code I can type in but not going to bother. A/B are for games and we'd prefer the Roku remote for that anyway.