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Harmony One and Samsung Smart TVs

I have a Samsung Smart TV UN55D7000LF. I also have a Sony BluRay player BDP-BX57 connected to the TV by HDMI. Assume the TV is off. When I turn on the BluRay, the TV automatically turns on. It is sensed in the HDMI cabling (not infared).


The branded remotes behave as follows:

A.) Turning off the BluRay with the Sony remote, leaves the TV on.

B.) OR, if I turn off the TV with the Samsung remote, it turns off both devices. Again this is sensed in the HDMI cabling.


I have to figure out how to work around this automation. So, how do I avoid the command that turns on the TV. If I don't, the command will turn off both the TV and the BluRay instead of turning them on.

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Re: Harmony One and Samsung Smart TVs

For the Harmony to work with you setup you need to turn off Anynet on your Samsung devices