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Help file for Logitech Media Server

I have the day off and decided to try to try to figure out how to use the Logitech Media Sewrver software to its full potential.  I'm baffled by many of the options.  Is there a manual available online?  I have several questions that begin with:


1.  Under Player -> (player name) -> Basic Settings -> Title Format

THere are radio buttons and each have a drop down menu.  What is the point of the radio buttons?  Am I able to somehow select these choices from the remote or the main menu of the unit?


2.  Are some/all of the menu choices no appllicable if you qare listening to Internet Radio?  Since I have Squeezeboxes throughout my house, my music collection is never used.  When I want to hear a song--even if I own it--I use Rhapsody.  Am I wasting my times learning these menus?


 3.  Under Player -> (player name) -> Basic Settings -> Audio -> Line In

WHen I select "Headphones" the audio cuts out.

When I select "Subwoofer" my subwoofer does not work, but the audio is still on.

"Always on" and "Always off" don't seem to change the audio.


4.  Is it pissible to get the title of a song on one line and the artist on another?  There's a font selection called three lines, but I cannot seem to understand how to use it.





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Re: Help file for Logitech Media Server

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I'm assuming you are using the Boom player based on your questions.  Is that correct?

If yes, the Boom, then..............


1.  You are selecting how the Boom will display album, artist, etc... This is the web UI access, your Boom can also select such display changes to album, artist, etc... via the Boom > Settings > Display menu's


2.  Very little on the LMS server settings has to do with online streaming


3.  Audio Out

-  Headphones shuts off the speakers, audio goes to Line Out only (Boom speakers do not play)

-  Sub just sends low freqs to the Line Out (Boom uses a DSP to cutoff freq's below 100hz), Boom speakers still play but at only freq's above 100hz

-  Always On means all audio is going to BOTH Boom speakers plus Line Out (add additional speakers)


4.  Yes, try the Music Information Screen plugin, it allows you to have as many as three lines of text of your choosing

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Re: Help file for Logitech Media Server

BTW, points 1 (Title format settings on display) and 3 (Audio In/Out settings) are all on the Boom itself. 

No LMS server needed to alter these settings.