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Double entries in Squeezebox server database

Hi I'm running Squeezebox-server (Version: 7.5.0 - r30464 @ Thu Apr 1 06:28:42 MDT 2010) on a Synology disk-station, and it works fine, except from:

I have changed some music-files from WMA to MP3, and now they are listed  twice, and some even three times, on the control-unit. All entries, 2 or 3 works fine, so it's just an annoying error.

I have made a new search from the server, and here it tells me that it has reorganized database no 1 and database no 2, but apparently it has not.

What to do?

How do I flush the database and make a new search, and a new database, if that what it takes?



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Re: Double entries in Squeezebox server database

Try a rescan.

So choose: Clear library and rescan everything.

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