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Radio Stations went to Iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?


 All my Radio Stations went to iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?


All of my favorite radio stations all disappeared again on the the massive change over that a lot of radio stations took when they went to iheart radio recently...the OPML files aren't working again...for the umpteenth time since similar changes with umpteenth radio providers keep sliding the bar on internet radio presentation formats. 


 C'mon gotta keep up with the state of the technology if you want to continue to sell these boombox things. 


 The product is great.!  Sounds great.! Play great.!  But !


Unfortunately, the support is questionable...


 Who can we all go to to complain since you folks are ignoring the entire community out here.


And why does it take so long for upgrades to come along?


Should we all go to the FTC and lodge our complaints.  They may take exception to you Lax Faire attitude on your support efforts when your selling these things for hundreds of dollars.


 Can you folks please create a Bulletin Board or send email to all subscribers on coming changes before they happen so we all at least are prepared for it..and tell us for how long things will be in dis-array....Please.


 I'm outta here!

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Re: Radio Stations went to Iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?

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The majority of the issues have nothing to do with Logitech itself so you are barking up the wrong tree.  Go complain to the stations you are no longer able to receive.



-  CBS & Clear Channel are in licensing disputes with carriers like TuneIn (SqueezeBox)

-  stations are switching to AAC format (getting away from the original MP3/WMA streaming format)

-  most stations on iHeartRadio are also on TuneIn (but in the new AAC format as provided by the station)

-  some stations are going to web based only streaming (so you can see their ads)


My guess is that your "BoomBox" is a SqueezeBox Boom player which cannot play AAC audio by itself when connected to  It can play these if connected to SB Server running on your computer because SB Server can transcode the AAC stream to MP3, this way your Boom can play those stations.


The newer players Touch & Radio do play AAC streams by themselves when connected to


I'd also suggest voting for adding the iHeartRadio App to

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Re: Radio Stations went to Iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?

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I understand the frustration level of SSS3S. I have a similar issues with loosing favorite stations. I have had my SB duet, boom , and radio for a couple of years, and have seen support improve but still at a rather low level.


SSS3S makes a great suggestion for better communication ...emails, or posting announcements to keep us informed and educated about the product/service.


Squeezeit provided a very informative post.  Why doesn't Logitech provide concise and direct information to us, to avoid all these posting by us frustrated CUSTOMERS.



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Re: Radio Stations went to Iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?

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Hello AZjoe,


Sadly we do not maintan radio stations or TuneIn so we do not know when radio stations drop from or decide to change the way they stream.


There have been posts about CBS and I made a thread of all the CBS streams that people have provided and tested to work, though it is not supported by Logitech.


As Squeezeit has posted, different players support different file and stream types. These are all found on our Product pages under specifications or for older models it is under the Support page for the player or the public wiki. (


Here is the information for the Squeezebox Boom as that is what the original poster spoke about.


Appendix B: Supported File Formats

Squeezebox Boom and SqueezeCenter support a variety of music file formats. Some formats are supported in Squeezebox Boom’s hardware, meaning that the player itself does the format decoding. Other formats that cannot be played in hardware are converted into a playable format by SqueezeCenter.

Supported in hardware:

Supported with transcoding:

MP3 (CBR and VBR)






AAC (.M4A)

Apple Lossless

WMA Lossless





Playlist Formats

Squeezebox Boom and SqueezeCenter recognize playlists saved by a variety of music applications, including iTunes and Windows Media Player. Supported playlist formats include PLS files, M3U files (WinAMP) and WPL files (Windows Playlist).



This is found in the Boom's user manual:


This is hardware based so it cannot be changed.



As for updates the Squeezeboxes usually get updates about 3-4 times a year though it does depend on how well the software is running and if people are putting in enhancement requests. If it is running well it maybe less, if there are bugs it maybe more.



All of our software can be found at though for the nightly (beta) versions and past versions.

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Re: Radio Stations went to Iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?

 Thank you, Catlogitech, for the information and the diplomatic and appropriate reminder to  check the manual.


I understand that logitech doesn't control Tunein or IHeartRadio etc. Maybe some us need a little more hand holding when our stations leave us.




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Re: Radio Stations went to Iheart Radio and now nothing works on my BoomBox...Why?

I think it would be reasonable for logitech to make announcements when major services change access (e.g., pandora, rhapsody).  But it would be extremely difficult to notify on individual radio stations. There are hundreds of thousands of internet radio stations and on any given day some of these are changing streaming methods, URLs, etc. The aggregators like tunein are trying to keep up with this, but it's even a challenge for them. Mostly because the stations themselves are clueless about how people access their streams. Many of them only think about the user that is sitting in front of his computer clicking on the station's website to access a stream.

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