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Trouble with setup: "Your Player not found"

So I need some help here folks.  Called Support and they said the forums would be my best answer.  Gotta love that!!


Attempting to install TOUCH to pull lossless files off of NAS into home stereo system.  No interest in internet radio.



DELL XPS 15 laptop running win 7 64bit

Netgear N600 gigabit router WNDR 3700 v2

Netgear readyNAS Duo with updated install of Squeezebox Server

No Internet as living in Rural area and refuse to pay $70/month for bad satelite

Squeezebox Touch

Both NAS and Touch are wired to router,   Laptop accesses network via wifi


Network works as I have already moved some 250 GB of material to NAS


NAS Identifies Touch from "attached devices" in ReadyNAS Frontview in browser

updated Squeezebox Server(SBS) installed on NAS. 

Touch recocognizes, under My Music from Home Screen, the title of the" Music Library Name" I gave it in SBS under "Basic Settings" tab.  Also, whentouch is given either the option to connect to wireless network or ethernet both connect fine.  SBS is able to scan the music folder I directed it to and lists the music in SBS server.


In setting up the Touch I go directly to the home screen as the default setup wizard wants to connect first to "" and I don't have internet.  Thus from the home screen I select My Music and when I select the NAS library name nothing happens.  I've reset the router, turned off firewalls, I think and antivirus just to eliminate possible variables, but still nothing.  additionally, SBS states  "Your Player Not Found"


Can anyone out there help me to get SBS to find my player?


I new to networking, so maybe I missed something.   I'd appreciate any help folks might give me as support has passed the buck!



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Re: Trouble with setup: "Your Player not found"


This should help.

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