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New Feature enabled today: Accepted Solutions

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We have added a feature to the community that we are very excited about and believe will be very useful for you. It is called Accepted Solutions.


If you ask a question on the Logitech forums and receive replies, you will now see a green checkmark to the right of the text for each reply. As the author of the topic, you can click on any reply to set it as the Accepted Solution if it solves your problem. An icon and the word Solved! will be added to your original post to show that you have accepted a Solution. This icon will take members directly to the Solution. When looking at the board view, you will also see a solved icon next to your thread.


If, in the future, you see a better solution, you can also revoke the first solution by clicking to the upper right of the Solution post and choosing Options --> Unmark as Accepted Solution. You may then choose another post as the solution. If you solve your own question, you may also mark your own solution as Accepted.


When you do a Search on the Community, you will also be able to see by the Solved! icon if the post has an Accepted Solution. This will assist you to more quickly find the solution to your question, if one has been found.

Only the author of the post or a moderator can accept or revoke a solution. Moderators will generally let members mark solutions on their topics, but may occasionally mark a solution accepted for the benefit of future readers of the topic.

We hope you find this new feature helpful and we welcome all feedback.


Please note: if the member who orginated a question marks a response as "Solved", it does not necessary reflect Logitech's formal policy on solving your issue. Chances are the accepted solution was a good option, however, there is the possibility that the same "fix" may not apply to you. Prior to taking any action that could be potentially harmful to your system (such as editing your registery, or dissembling the product), we would suggest you consult with Tech Support Directly.




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