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PS3 GT install disc

I purchased a good used Driving Force GT that came without install disc.  I'm trying to download install program but I'm doing something wrong.  I created disc but PS3 does not recognize. It ask for OS software and bit speed.  I have vista/32 bit but thats not appropriate for the PS3, right? What is appropriate for the PS3.  Please help.  My son is driving me crazy.  I have GT unit assembled and plugged in to electrical and PS3.  Can I download install software directly from internet with PS3?  Thanks
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Re: PS3 GT install disc

As far as I know there is no install disk required to use the DF GT wheel with the PS3. You plug it in, and when you start the PS-3 the wheel spins to calibrate.


Each game you play must support the DFGT wheel with its own driver - fortunately most games requiring a wheel do support someversion of  logtitech wheel and the DFGT has a "legacy" mode that means it can act like an older/generic wheel.  Some of the fancy features like the red adjustment wheel do not work unless the game supports it - which is right now limited to Gran Turismo 5 prolog. BUt most games I've tried support the basic functions. Also note in legacy mode, the PS button does not work. WHy? Unknown, but you need another controller to exit the game...

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