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Apple TV

Apple TV, I see alot of people have a hard time either programming the Harmony to work it or there is a major delay in turning it on?  SO does the Harmony 650/700 work with Apple TV? And if so, I take it that there are some tricks in getting it set up? Geek Squad guy want $50 to program it (A deal) but I won't buy it unless I know the setup works.  Appreciate an honest answer.  Thank you!

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Re: Apple TV

Hi redleg65,


Harmony 650/700 works with Apple TV. Make sure you add it under Computer-Media Center PC; use Apple as Manufacturer, and Apple TV as Model No.


Here as some links that might help you control your Apple TV using your Harmony Remote.


Using the Harmony remote to control Apple products that use the Apple remote


How to control multiple Apple devices with the Harmony remote









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