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Netflix & Harmony Touch issues.

I have a Harmony Touch, a Sharp LC-60C6400, and Yamaha RX-V537 AVR along with a couple of DVD players.  While the initial setup was a cinch, getting Netflix to work has been frustrating.  In the Watch TV activity, I do have the Netflix button, which when touched brings up the Netflix app, but once there, it cannot be controlled.  None of the buttons on the remote are able to control anything in the Netflix app.  I know that one of the approaches is to create a separate activity that launches Netflix at the outset, but our watching patterns are such that we usually watch the satellite TV, followed by Netflix, so an in-activity button works better. Any ideas?  Thanks.


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Re: Netflix & Harmony Touch issues.

Can't be done. You need an activity for which the nav buttons work the TV. Activities are the only way to do that on harmony. You could add all the TV nav buttons to the LCD, but that would be very awkward to use.