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Upload configuration from Harmony One to WEB?

I recently purchased a second Harmony One to control the dedicated home theater upstairs.  Well I must have screwed something up while programming it because apparently the configuration for the older Family room Harmony One is no longer available on the Logitech/Harmony web site.. 


[rant on] Logitech has the MOST RETARDED system for managing more than one device of any company/website I've encountered.  Why can't you have a single loogin and then either:  1) User manually choose which configuration they want to manage or 2) Auto detect which remote is connected. [rant off]


So basically I have a very well refined configuration on the family room Harmony One but it appears I cannot make any modifications because the upstairs remote configuration overwrote the family room settings.


Is there a way to UPLOAD a Harmony One configuration from the remote to the WEB (rather than going the other way) ?


Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Upload configuration from Harmony One to WEB?

You need to have a separte account for each Harmony you own.  For example, I have a 659, an 880 a One and a 900.  It's true that I don't use the 659 or 880 anymore, but the accounts for them are both still on the server and I still have the usernames and passwords for both of them "just in case."  If you own two "Ones" then you should have a separate account for both.  You can always have Support "clone" one of your accounts to another one then make modifications to whichever account you want.  As far as using the desktop software, it's as simple as logging one account (one "ONE") out and logging the other account (another "ONE") in.  Then update your remote(s) with the proper account(s).

Also, you can use an easy to remember "Username" for each account.  Perhaps one would be your login name with "Home Theater" as part of it.  The other could be your login name with "Family Room" next to it.  The password for both accounts could be the same to keep it as simple as possible.

I agree, there should be a "better way" of doing it with the software when you have more than one Harmony (whether they're the same or not).  But, I'm sure it's all about securing and protecting Logitech's servers. 

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