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3.2 Update Is Out Now

Droid Life is reporting that the 3.2 update is rolling out now. Not showing up on my two boxes right now but give it time before it finally hits my Revue. Good luck folks hope this fixes the number of problems we've all had with the Revue.

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Re: 3.2 Update Is Out Now

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Re: 3.2 Update Is Out Now

Keep trying every few hours on the system update option yet all I get is the "system is up to date" message. Really wish someone would pull the update from their Revue and put it online so I can manually flash it.

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Re: 3.2 Update Is Out Now

I received an update yesterday. But iam disappointed.

It seems they havent upgarded the flash.


I still see the message " You need to upgrade to the latest version of flash to see this video" on youtube played from chrome browser.



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Re: 3.2 Update Is Out Now

Since the update our Revuew shows version 3.2 but we cannot luanch any apps. When pressing the home button the home screen shows breifly at bottom (with no icons other than, time, notifications and all app icons) then disappears.


We have rebooted 3 times and unplugged and restarted twice to no change. If someone from Logitech or otherwise could advise we would appreciate it.

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Re: 3.2 Update Is Out Now

Wayne--Try The Following:Google TV “UPDATE”

right-click here to copy this link location .
Tip: Google TV “UPDATE” (clean install & restoring all data & settings to Revue manually),
• Before updating Revue to a new official Android update (ex. Android 3.2) clear any data/settings from your account stored on Google server and perform a Factory-reset on Revue– follow these steps (don:
  1. From “All Apps”, select “Settings" and go to “Privacy & safety”.
  2. “Clear Video history” (if applicable).
  3. Un-check “Automatic restore”.
  4. Un-check “Backup my data” > OK (if it’s unchecked then check it & uncheck it again > OK)
  5. Leave “Video history”, “Automatic restore” & “Backup my data” disabled.
  6. Perform a Factory-reset on Revue – for how to see this link.
  7. Skip screen-resize (click [next])
  8. Select Ethernet or wireless.
  9. Signing- in with your “Google Account” (wait here… & watch flash .. update …)
  10. Skip (don’t check) “Restore data from my Google Account to this device”.
  11. Continue to follow on-screen setup/instruction.
  12. Skip setting up your TV service & TV & AV Receiver for now (by clicking on [Skip step] at the upper right side).
  13. Press & hold [Esc] key to exit Logitech-video-introduction.
  14. From “All Apps”, select “Settings" and go to “About” > “System update”.
  15. Click [Check now] (if it says “System is up to date”… got to the next step > Tip:Force update)

Tip: Force update,

  1. Go to “All Apps”, select “Settings" and go to “About” > “System update”> Click [Check now] – (if it says “System is up to date”… got to the next step)
  2. Press [Back] key to exit
  3. Go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications > select “All) (from the top) >
  4. Scroll down to “Google Services Framework”
  5. “Force stop” and “Clear data”.
  6. Press [Back] key to exit
  7. Go to “All Apps”, select “Settings" and go to “About” > “System update” (this page should be blank & shouldn’t show date&time of when was last check for update.
  8. Click [Check now] – the update should immediately start to download.

• If the update didn’t start to download, repeat (Force update) step ‘b’ to step ‘h’ few times (you may reboot revue between tries).

* If the update was already download & installed, you find Revue experiencing issues, you may perform all the above steps at any time including Factory-reset (btw, the above steps based on “Firmware version 3.1” settings menu & may or may not be exactly the same in “ a newer “Firmware version”).
* Any initial settings you skipped can be set later from the “settings” menu (or, re-perform Factory-reset after Android update).
* (temporarily) unmount & remove any USB device from Revue while performing all of the above steps (if any in use).
* You may re-perform a Factory-reset on Revue again after the Android update.
* Google TV “UPDATE” tip suggestion primarily for when a major announcement form official Android update on its way (but also maybe performed at any time after the update).
* After factory-reset & installing the new Android update and before installing any new Apps or setting up harmony components – the system memory should show 50MB used & 470 MB free.