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DISH sling with Revue


I have a sling (not sure of the model number but it is the one sold by DISH Network) that I am trying to use with my Revue. Currently the Revue is connected to my Wi-Fi and it is connected to my DISH VIP722 via Ethernet and the DVR integration works fine. However, the quality of the sling is terrible. I found that if I connect my dish directly to my Wi-Fi via a Wi-Fi adapter the sling works great but I lose my DVR integration.  Apparently the DISH receiver gets its internet connection from the Revue and runs on a sub-net of the Revue and the DISH receiver cannot be connected to  Wi-Fi  and the Revue simultaneously. I need DVR integration which only happens when the DISH receiver is connected to the Revue via Ethernet but I also need my DISH receiver to be connected directly to my home network. Anyone have any experience with this? Other than hardwiring both units to my router, which is not an option, I can't see a way to do this.