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Google Play doesn't work



Google Play doesn't work on my Revue updated to 3.2 version. When i try to install any app i see "NOT COMPATIBLE" instead of install. In my Apps it say " no application have been installed from Google Play for this account ", but i have many app installed on Revue that works perfectly. Do you have any idea what it can be? Thanks.

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Re: Google Play doesn't work

Hi Papichullo,


It seems to be an issue with the Google Play Store Application,  you can try to do a Factory Reset to your Logitech Revue.


You can find the steps on how to perform a Factory Reset to your Revue in the Link below:


How to Factory Reset your Logitech Revue


If after performing the factory reset you are still having issues with your Google Play Account, you will need to contact Google since is an account issue.


I hope this information was helpful.


Let me know how did this work for you.


Kind Regards



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